Tom Terrific

Tom’s Q&A w/ Del!

Yo, guys, it's Tom Terrific again.  I stole Marie's laptop---Uh, nah, I kicked Ams out-of-the-way.  One of my greatest admirers are here.  Yep, it's Del!  She's doing a Q&A with me on her blog, so you better go check it out. Yo, Del, sup?  How's it going? Yo, Tom! I swatted Maddison's hands until they were… Continue reading Tom’s Q&A w/ Del!


A Lennox Morning

Silence reigned through the house.  But then, Carolyne moaned, err, well, groaned. Carolyne: Mmm, its morning already? Honey (the dog): Woof woof!!! *whines* Carolyne: All right, already, I'll get up. Carolyne made her bed and got a blanket to keep warm.  The weather was frightfully cold.  Snow lay in drifts outside.  Carolyne then put a… Continue reading A Lennox Morning