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Tom’s Q&A w/ Del!

Yo, guys, it’s Tom Terrific again.  I stole Marie’s laptop—Uh, nah, I kicked Ams out-of-the-way.  One of my greatest admirers are here.  Yep, it’s Del!  She’s doing a Q&A with me on her blog, so you better go check it out.

Yo, Del, sup?  How’s it going?

Yo, Tom! I swatted Maddison’s hands until they were hurting too much to type on the keyboard. So hello, hey, and how ya doing.

I’ve asked Del a few questions, and here are her mostly epic answers.

1. What is your style?
Epic and epically sassy. Not girly-girl sassy. Epically sassy. I love wearing skinny jeans and a T-shirt with some epic saying on it. I also like wearing sporty stuff such as tennis shoes and shorts.
2. Who is the most annoyingly nice person in your house?
Emelie. She’s so overly nice it’s painful.

3. If you were to take a dare, would you chose a. Lick a frozen water pump b. Jump from a four-story building or c. dress in hair bows and fluffy dresses for a whole day?

Jump off a four-story building. Definitely. I’d get the news media involved so they cover the whole thing.
4. What is your dream pet?
Maybe a lion. I could walk into the store with him, roar all of the customers and cashiers out, bust all the security cameras, and walk out with a cartful of ice cream. And lion food.

5. What is something random you just want to answer?

Do I love being awesome? Yes. Do I know the secret to being awesome? You bet.

6. What is the most daring thing you have accomplished in your life?

Dude, getting my ears pierced. It didn’t even hurt… that much. But I had to get sparkly girly-girl studs of death inserted into my ears against my will.

7.  If you were to have any job, what would it be?
I dunno. Whatever I be, I wanna be the best at it. Maybe a pro blogger with millions of followers. In your face, suckers.

8. What is the most lamest thing you have been forced to do?
Post pictures of me crying. With tears running down my cheeks. LIKE I’M TELLING EVERYONE THEY WERE FAKE BECAUSE I DO NOT CRY. And yet Madison posts all these Heads Up parts with me crying my eyes out. Pffft. They’re fake, okay? Fake. 

9.  If you were to pound someone, how would you do it?
I’d sit on top of them and pummel their face until they admit the glory of my awesomeness.

10. Don’t answer the ninth question.  Nah, go ahead and answer it.  Who is your biggest rival?
*laughs* Rival? No one on the blogosphere comes anywhere close to being my rival. I smoke ‘em all. But in real life, Smelly Ellie. For sure. Without a doubt. I always win, though. Always.

11.  Which doll in the doll blog sphere is your favorite (besides yourself.)
What if I have more than one? I skip. But one of them is you. DON’T LET IT GET TO YOUR HEAD.
HEY!  Guys, I must be pretty dull to be Del’s favorite doll.  Haha! In your face, Del! So, I’m bored but Amie said I should announce my biggest plan yet.

“That is the thing that has been stealing all of Amie’s love.”  Liz looked at me and shook her head.

“How do I fit into this plan?”

“Just you wait and see,” I smirked.

Yep!  A new photo story.  I don’t want to post it, but that dude of an Amie wants this crazy thing to be posted.

Over and out,

Tom Terrific

P.S. This is Amie.  I haven’t had time to take the pictures, so you’ll just have to suffer.  This week has been busy for me and Rose. *Rose and I*



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